Season I

In this inaugural 2017-18 FF4AC season, we had eight teams fight for victory! Despite starting a bit late, we experienced a fun-filled season packed with excitement, ups and downs.

Choke of the Year

Team Riazuddin, who despite having the best record in the league, with just one loss, lost in the second round of the playoffs to House Targaryen. It seemed like a repeat of last year’s SuperBowl, with the Falcon leading 28-3 into the second half and choking at the last minute. It seemed as if Imad didn’t realize there was a 2 week playoff. Team Riazuddin took advantage of their first round draft pick and capitalized  off of some big spending during the draft. Perhaps this NFL thing isn’t working out and you should take your backup career a little more seriously. In addition to having a near perfect record, this team scored the most points in the league.

Coach of the Year

That brings us to the title of Coach of Year, House Targaryen. Like its namesake, this team played like savages. Despite going into the playoff with a record of 9-4, Team Targaryen showed some excellent coaching, pulling off a big upset in the finals. Le’Veon Bell proved to be a big player, I guess there may have a bit of science to his game. Perhaps Omar needs to upgrade his blazer to match his new title.

(Not So) Dynamic Duo

We honestly still can’t figure out if Team Naseer and Team Airman were trying or are just terrible at Fantasy Football. Both of these teams ended with 3-10 records. Even with some stars like Eli Manning and Cam Newton, these teams didn’t perform. On a positive note, there’s only one way to move from the bottom spots. Well, actually, they could underperform next year as well. We hope this father-son duo bodes better in the coming season!

The Real MVP

Team Hashmi ended up securing third place in the league, even with a fairly boring 8-5 record. It’s worth mentioning Team Hashmi was the only team to beat Team Riazuddin in the regular season.


– King Tutt (KQ)


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